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Welcome to Osman's Restaurant!

Osman and Mirjana Ademovic fled a warn torn Bosnia with their two small children in 1992. Their option at the time was to escape to Germany, where they quickly settled. With their culinary background, they both worked in restaurants during their time in Germany. Five years later, unable to apply for German citizenship, their family had to leave and start over again. Their family arrived in Mobile, Alabama, in October of 1997 and have been here since.

Osman acquired a position at The Pillars, and Mirjana worked at the Raddison Hotel. Although they were working in the restaurant industry, they knew that they wanted to open a restaurant one day. Osman's Restaurant opened its doors in February of 2000. The walls were a faded yellow color and the floor was black and white tile. The dining tables and chairs were remnants of the previous restaurant that had been there.

Osman's Restaurant opened serving lunch only with 3-4 daily specials ranging from fresh catch of the day meuniere to beef wellington. Chef Osman became well known for his flavorful cooking, and Mirjana ran the front of the restaurant as well as making the desserts. At the time, for less than $6 per meal, customers were able to enjoy a full entree with sides, salad, and fresh-made bread. Due to the generous portions and intricate flavors, it didn't take long for Osman's to quickly gain notoriety in Mobile. Shortly after, it wasn't an uncommon sight to see dozen of people lined up outside the restaurant in hopes of snagging a table.

After couple years, Osman and Mirjana decided to expand the hours into dinner. Customers were able to enjoy a much broader menu with pasta, certified Angus beef, and many other European dishes. Often, Chef Osmans serves authentic Bosnian and German dishes as the dinner specials while Mirjana bakes European delicacies that are guaranteed to leave you speechless. After a few years, they decided to only focus on dinner. With this transition, Osman and Mirjana worked on improving and upgrading the restaurant. Throughout the years, the dining room has transformed from a small diner to a cozy and elegant dining area with a full bar and extensive wine selection.

Osman and Mirjana strive to provide their customers with high-quality food and superior service, making Osman's Restaurant one of the highest-rated fine dining restaurants in Mobile.

Please call for reservations.        Gift cards available.